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It all started with a Mohawk & Mustache. One of our founders, Zack, had worn a Mohawk in university before shaving it and enlisting in the Air Force shortly after September 11. After leaving the service, and moving to Charlotte, he decided to regrow his mohawk and grow a handlebar mustache. Hot & humid southern summers  This led to several years of experimenting with many different shaving, grooming, styling, and dying products with varying degrees of failure. Finally, in 2006, he decided to develop his own mustache wax, a moisturizing toner, and a beard balm for personal use.

The next year he brought his products to market, initially at local art fairs and pop-up markets before expanding, selling online, in barbershops, salons, boutiques & vintage clothing stores. Partnering with a salon and members of the Beard & Moustache Club of North Carolina he expanded and refined the product line, adding a beard oil, shave soap, & styling pomade.

By 2015 his men’s grooming products were regularly featured in print and on the news as some of the top local artist gift ideas for men, especially around Christmas, Father’s Day, & Valentines Day. As everything was handcrafted at his home and was only ever intended as a side hustle, he struggled to keep up with demand and was forced to stop advertising and withdraw from local markets, only offering them online, largely to recurring customers. That year he met a client that changed Everything.

Working as the Marketing Director for a small business he met Andre, a German-American businessman, and investor. Andre shared Zack’s passion for a traditional double edged razor shave, luxury men’s grooming products, and perhaps most importantly, dissatisfaction with the currently available options. In 2016 the company that would become Le Barbier d’Bourbon was born.  

Knowing the made-in-shop model would not be sustainable, but wanting to ensure the same quality and craftsmanship that lead to the creation of LBd’B meant finding inspiration in an unlikely direction – American Whiskey. Around the same time, Zack started formulating his mustache wax his family moved to Louisville, KY. Visiting them always included a stop or two on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. These distillers taught him several things, the two most important being the care and expertise required for Small Batch distilling – bridging the gap between a home still and mass production & that growing on the old world traditions but with a truly American take can produce something both unique and wonderful.

Andre & Zack spent the next year testing, reviewing, analyzing & researching men’s grooming products around the world & working with a team of excellent men and women to determine which scents and styles we would offer at launch. Our team worked with manufacturing partners around the world to help find someone to handle our low volume orders while maintaining our standards. In March 2018 we received our first shipment and are proud to share our Old World inspired, American Designed, Small Batch Men’s Grooming collection with you…



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